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On the whole, it’s a little piece of heaven

as you settle back on the plumped cushions

sat on the flower – surrounded garden bench

it’s just the right place to enjoy a

summers afternoon – with a cool glass of lemonade

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Location : Ordsall Park, Salford, UK

Call it a Green Island in a Sea of Concrete

A good place for a football game

Trees of varying type scatter this wonderous island of Green

swings and climbing frames keep youngsters amused

whilst older kids send footballs into the northern air

as the local wildlife watches on in amusement

around each tree – signs of life


fallen treasures from the Conker Tree and Hazel

Furry sweet chestnuts piled by the tree

(Look out for the Wildlife!)

as juggernauts pass on the nearby road

Four seasons contained on this glorious green

Taking in the sun by a tree in spring and summer

Colours of leaves constantly changing.

Winds of autumn swirling whilst bowlers are playing

Lets release our Kite – and watch its colours fly.

Animals Poetry

Saharan Squabble

Two great ships of the desert
argued on the sand
about which one of them
was the most grand

“I’m bigger than you” –
said the ellie to the camel
said the camel “I’m faster –
now cut out your flannel!”

“I carry people” –
said the camel with pride
“so do I ” – said the elephant
“I take them for rides”

Then from behind bushes
something appeared
The king of the jungle
(and both found that weird)

“Will you two stop squabbling! –
It’s my nap time you see
If you don’t – i’ll get hungry…
and you’ll end up as my tea!!!”