#Fowc #Fault

For years you’ve been doing this

a chase to grab the latest OS off the shelf

upgrading your hardware – so it

looks “Futureproof”

thing is – that upgrade you’re installing – is kinda out of date.


New Year, New Day

The first post of 2021.

New year in colour – Big Ben at Midnight, splash of colour by inky


The hour past

The bells chimed

One year confined to the history books

One year to look forward to


Late Nights

Laced with wine, food, drinking and song

Leads to a long nap under the duvet

Lying in on the downward strait to twelth night


Promises made – Resolutions

in changing and interesting times

enjoying a feast at the first day of the year, while

some prepare, to head out for bargains

Photography Poetry


#Octpowrimo #Photography #Digital

I remember when

photos were stored away

on rolls of brown film

and getting the picture

required alchemy

Magic paper

bringing scenes of colour

to life onto

white backgrounds

with square borders

Trips to the chemist

a necessity

for those precious memories

of a warm summers day

to be brought to life

computer succeeds the chemist

speeding up the process

chemical symbols changed to 0s and 1s

delivered in a day


you’ve got more pics in your hand

more memories to store

more smiles to save


Old & New

#SoCs #Old&New #OldandNew #Photography

When it comes to the Old and the new, i always go to the subject of photography for a comparison.

When i was little i used a Kodak Extachrome camera to take photos of Mum and Dad and my little sister it had a cartridge that looked like this

You knew what frame you were at at the film because the number in the cartridge changed each time you turned the dial. Later i’d get my hands on a Miranda 35mm camera , which had a counter on the camera.

You might get an extra frame of film from these, but you ran the risk of snapping the film – and losing your images.

Kodak brought in a new system called Advantix – and i got my hands on one of these through an offer on a cereal packet. This system gave me three formats of film to play with…”Classic”, “High Def”, and “Panoramic”. I liked the Panoramic – as i got more into my pictures

In addition the camera gave us an index shot. However despite all the whistles and bells, i had to wait for the processor to get the prints of the film. With the Advent of the Digital Camera – all this changed.

This little card could hold much more than an Advantix Cartridge could, and transferring the images was reletively easy. Holding 20 or 30 times more than my original roll of extachrome film.



#fowc #Glimpse

Getting a short eyeshot at the

latest upgrade to the tech in your pocket

is like playing with dynamite, for you’ve seen

maybe one or two features – and now, your

portable friend’s shine seems to have lost its brightness

some say – its good to see what’s coming ahead

except for those who’s garden shed is overflowing with old stuff

Inspiration Life Memories Poetry


#Fowc #Cash

I remember as a kid

collecting the copper coins

in an old tea caddy

Ten penny chocolate drops

your average spend

for a little lads pocket

sweets switched for comic books

saving enamel for copper

and a weeks reading funnies

Hello Mister Twenty Pence

Farewell Mr Pound Note

Miss Shiny Pound has Arrived

Gold Coins saved for Blue Notes

Blue Notes saved for Orange Notes

Orange Notes saved for Purple Notes

Plastic for Paper ? A Surprise indeed

Silver shines in the plastic interior

Value reflected in a fancy Hologram



Salford, 30th December 2018

The seconds tick on by

With each single grain of sand

Falling softly into the hourglass

Each second passing

Moments in history

As the grains keep falling

And Father Time watches

As his birthday approaches

And it’s time to shave the beard off

Character Clothes Poetry

Old Shoes

Salford 23rd September 2018

I remember the day i first bought them,

fresh out of the box and smelling like they’d just come out of the factory

They fitted my feet nicely, but i’d been told i needed to break them in

so over the next few days – i wore them in the house

as i got the feel of them i took them down the Trafford Road

getting them wet in a Greater Manchester rain storm

being well waxed – it didnt effect them for a while

time however is a fickle thing – and my shoes have lost their hardened exterior

My slippers look on in envy, as my feet feel comfy in the broken down softness

wont be long before a trip to the shoe shop – and a rendezvous with the recycle bin

Life Memories Schooldays

Nineteen Eighty Four

Nineteen Eighty Four

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “1984.”

Orwell got it wrong in that novel of the same name.

Why ? I hear the humble reader ask…

It’s quite simple – unless its of a medical nature – nothing can be as fearful to a young mind more than your first day at a new school.

I go past the old places from time to time – amalgamations mean there’s now one great super-school on a Salford Street, servicing the needs of all 11+ year Roman Catholic children in the area – that is of course – if they haven’t passed the entrance exam to the Grammar school in the next door city.

I’m drawn back to my own experience…

Large brown coloured buildings greet me.  A building a lot different to the Junior school i’d been at not a few months ago.  The birds have landed in a much different nest since flying the primary coop…all I could see is squares – lots of squares.  Its a bit overbearing – can I go back to the old place ? I hear another pupil ask his mum…It heightens the fear

Directed towards the cafeteria – the new intake are led in a waiting pattern.  I head through a door to hear a bell ring, and a torrent of bodies passes by.

Chattering classes discussing the new term and the morning events – new opportunities and new subjects to be learned.  Fifth years checking out the lambs to the slaughter.  Well to do Mums and Dads proudly waving embarrassed second years goodbye.

We receive a welcome from the Head and his deputy , and our new form tutors. We are then led down a corridor by an older lad a “prefect”- into what seems like a maze of classrooms

We’re then divided into two…some friends stay together – whilst others meet new friends from other primary schools.

One group takes a sharp left – Art , Pottery, Ceramics…whilst the group i’m in takes a different turn – Technical Drawing, Metalwork, Woodwork

The smell of cooking hits my nose as we stop – Home Economics – or as I knew it later “Cooking” lay a short distance away…so what wonderful class did we end up at?

“Here’s the place”, the prefect smiled.