Forward planning

#Holidays Christmas and new year are formally over and winters gone to town its made me think of warm places where the sand is soft and brown and the sea is brilliant aqua blue and the waters are clear as can be while little fish nibble away at your feet for something for their teaContinue reading “Forward planning”


#fowc #brilliant bursting colour out into the night sky revellers watching the sight as the bells chime it’s almost time for old father time to switch with his younger brother launching a whole new year light show of exploding sparkle it’s like someone’s brightened up the darkness and people are partying under it as theContinue reading “Brilliant”


#napowrimo #chinesenewyear They landed while everyone slept Now floating majestically on The banks of the canal Awoken by the sound Of a mighty drum Cutting swiftly through water In a race to the finish Oars moving as one As dragons race head to head For the glory of the win And water makes waves AsContinue reading “Dragonboat”

Chinese New Year

Salford, January 24th 2020 #Dragon #Chinese #NewYear #Luck #Manchester Dancing lightly through the Manchester streets, Royal dragons parade past the town hall A colourful line of lanterns decorate the quarter Going round the gates of China town Of course, you’ll hear the sounds of gongs and drums Now and again broken through by fire crackers

Post Christmas Pressies

#Christmas #Hidden #Sweets 7th January 2019 I received an extra present yesterday. I’d been wandering what dad was going on about when he mentioned an extra present at the end of Christmas time I’d enjoyed seeing the brightly coloured baubles on the Christmas tree, especially the new larger ones. They were twinkly inside. I justContinue reading “Post Christmas Pressies”