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Outer Space


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Picture created with Colorfy

looking out into the night sky,

it’s difficult to tell what colour outer space is

we paint it black – like a sheet of silk

and those far off dots in the fabric ? far off mystical worlds

we gave them names – and put them in stories

myths and legends, told many moon rises ago

Aries to the Huntsman we follow with pride

through telescopic lenses or newspapers inside

and the robots we send to examine these stars

landing on the moon, and venus and mars

are the UFO pilots playing hide and seek ?

Its a question the scientists ask every week.

Acrostic Poetry Space


Never have I seen something so Blue

Even the clearest sea on earth seems faded

Perhaps the stars collected

To produce this gem of a planet

Under the gaze of the telescope, you’ve

Never seen anything like it – its truly



Named after the god of the sea, at the

Edge of our solar system

Possibly the bluest planet in space

Taken as the last spot before the dwarf planets

Until you

Navigate beyond the

Envelope of our Solar System’s map