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  • Caterpillar


    #insects Chomping away at a fresh green leaf till its time for bed time expect to see him hanging on the red-brown branch till its time to prise himself out of his sleeping bag if you watch – you’ll notice something different about him lovely coloured wings with lots of patterns on them as he […]

  • Expansion of a moment

    #writeclub #napowrimo cheers to Kizzy @ writeclub for providing the prompt Like the colours of the morning sun it awakens, telling its friends and neighbours gracefully that its time to get up hopping and dancing from tree to tree in its search for lunch looking in each flowers trumpet for yummy nectar

  • Outrageous Orange

    If anyone saw your recklessness bounding from flower to flower pinching the finest nectar from each one I’m pretty sure – they’d be shocked no wonder the bees are fed up but people see your pale orange wings and just smile not knowing you’ve just done a heist in the garden

  • Bumblebee Bokeh

    Bumblebee Bokeh

    Salford 27th February 2019 #Spring #Bumblebee #Photography

  • Honeycomb 2

    Honeycomb 2

    Manchester, 11th august #beeinthecity #manchester #hunnypot six sided structure created by worker bees for the colony sleeping in their nest little bees dream of honey from flowers next door Travelling over air homing pigeons cannot beat worker bees radar treasures collected from inside the flower head create a sweet thing flavour from pollen transferred to […]