Heading for the warm

#birds #nest #poetry The mercury retreating was a sign Restless mums and dads Feeding their offspring So flying lessons could begin Up in the nest They flapped their wings Facing the worst The weather could bring And out from the nest They jumped and they flapped Heading for a tree Their mum and dad mappedContinue reading “Heading for the warm”

Navy Blue

    Navy ? A Nautical colour Very respected as the colour of the senior service Yachts to Dreadnoughts – are adorned in it   North to South – Compass bearings Are used to navigate Vessels through dangerous waters – Yomping through ice and hiding from the enemy   Naval Company Colours Anchored off theContinue reading “Navy Blue”


in response to Border Borders can be defined in many ways. On your standard map they are hard ridges that define a country, state, city, town or village. Round my neck of the woods, they’re defined by Hillsides, Mountains, lakes and Forests. Depending on where you live, you can cross a number of borders withinContinue reading “Borders”