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  • Green Police

    #COP26 #UnitedNations #Glasgow I watched the news today they say the worlds getting warmer they say the seas are rising and if we don’t do something soon its going to get worse today I watched the news today the great people of the world discussing how to save the earth while traders around the globe […]

  • Noise


    Salford, 9th November 2021 (response to a write club theme by inky) What’s that noise ? beyond the glass up in the rooftops its the birds that pass surveying the autumn pickings on the frost laden grass What’s that noise? beyond the bricks the pipes are playing at quarter to six rolling water like streams […]

  • Breeze

    They’re off on a journey Travelling by air Through skies of blue The destination – yet unknown That depends on the breeze they chase The arrival time – when the wind drops Then they’ll take a siesta, in The nearest spot of soil Till time awakens them all and Their new flowers appear They may […]

  • slow down

    slow down

    #writephoto With the petrol heads ignoring the policeman’s signs to take their foot off the accelerator Mother Nature decided to intervene What’s the rush ? she asked by the roadside spreading a bit of colour in the grass by the tarmac The seeds took their time and eventually, after the clouds gave them a drink […]

  • Darkness


    #octpowrimo #darkness Sun goes behind the skyscrapers while the moon heads up in the sky cats head out on a midnight feast while owls begin to fly mother birds tend to their chicks while they all try to sleep and dads head out to the garden lawn for morsels they to creep lightbulbs illuminate houses […]

  • In Hiding

    In Hiding

    #WDYS The fast running stream creates a moving cloudburst over the mossy rock The clouds have fallen surprising the residents under the water Greenery watches as the white mist promenades over waters surface Among all the rocks who’s hiding in plain sight family of frogs

  • Poisonous Plants

    Poisonous Plants

    #writephoto #nature #plants #poison Poisonous Plants – Image by KL Caley Positioned where they are in the garden, perhaps its best leaving them where they are… pretty colours often a sign to the present wildlife – to stay away, of course – the pesky bees and wasps are welcome pollen needs to be spread – […]

  • Through the cracks

    Through the cracks

    #promptuarium The multi storey car park was now under “New Ownership” Demolition squads turned on their heels as vines and creepers wrapped themselves around the concrete pillars and where the fast and the furious parked their wonder cars carpets of wildflowers – occupied each floor now resident to squirrel, mole, rat and beaver abandoned by […]

  • Forest Walk

    #WDYS Its early morning It Might not be St. Tropez but it’s got its advantages holidaying in a forest setting sunlight peeking through the trees looking out for birds and squirrels and all before returning to the comforts of a log cabin – where little un will draw what she’s seen

  • lean


    #fowc #lean like a rocket the shoots of the tree extended out to the sky and as it did – the winds blew it gently to and fro now the trees arms are nearer to the squirrels than the birds