Nature Parks Poetry

Ode to an Acorn

An acorn falls

down onto the green

with old oak leaves , around and between

there it sits, there, all alone

alongside the conker, or odd pine cone

food for the squirrels, or feathered birds maybe

more likely planted to become a new tree.

Birds Garden Nature Poetry


Down, in the forest, in established wood

A sapling now stands where an acorn once stood

He sat on the floor of green in the park

And ran his own gauntlet during day and the dark

Avoiding squirrels and dogs that would bark

And soon he’ll grow tall, reaching up into the sky

And up to his branches the birds they will fly.

As birds fly back from the east to the west

To create a new home in the tree that’s the best.


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Ordsall Park

Cutout Art = Ordsall Park, Salford (c) Brian F Kirkham

This work originally appeared in the Community Newspaper – Ordsall Undercover.

A piece of poetry written on the park down the road by my home – enjoy.

As wheels pass on by the concrete forms,
the trees stand tall on the islands of green
basking in the warm midday sun.
Feathered friends pass on by,
as the trees reach up high
and branches sway in the breeze
as the wind cools the air
by a couple of degrees.

On the Square of Green are the veterans
with their woods and their jack,
Playing their bowls,
in defence or attack
Children make their way back home
its gone half past three
as they run through the park
on the way for their tea.

Another Park Piece : Enjoying the Greenery

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A Photo in response to the Photo Challenge



A recent photo of the feathered inhabitants of the waters of Salford Quays, Gtr Manchester in the UK.  Taken by the pontoon opposite Welland Lock, near to the watersports centre, where the ducks geese and swans get their regular feed.

Places Poetry


A poem inspired by reflections on the water…by me

Out at Sea
boats reflections
mirror their owners

Ripples casting
on the waters edge
cut through painted puddles

Colours of the evening
seem to move much quicker
across the waters edge

Rainbows differ upon Sunset
as night paints with darker colour
and light disappates

Water the perfect canvas
Capturing those fired colours
as the sun goes down

Animals Garden Nature Photography Poetry

(Spiders) Web

I took this picture in BASICs “Enchanted” Garden, with my new Bridge Camera.  The Spider in question was obviously camera-shy, given it was there a few moments before I got my camera out of its bag.  Nevertheless, s/he left me with a lovely web – weaved between the arms of the brackets of one of the planters.

A spider visited the house one day,
She wanted me to come out and play.
scampering round in the hall
and up and down the mirrors and walls.

So out of the door I did go
She scampered off fast, as I went slow
and heading for the nearest tree
looking for something for her tea

At first I thought, the fence she’d cleared
but then in an instant – she reappeared
hanging her threads from the nearest tree
it looked like fine embroidery.

And then on a branch, I watched her wait
for something to catch and put on her plate
a swarm of flies through the sky
and towards the middle of the web they did fly

So as I sat, enjoying a treat,
The spider sat central in her web to eat
eating a few bugs, without little haste
and wrapping the rest up so they wouldn’t go to waste!

Learning Photography

Photography @ BASIC Ed2

With my new camera acquired the other day , I took it along to BASICs Camera class where we had a session of picture taking out in BASICs Garden – “The Enchanted Garden”

The Aim was to find some abstract art in and around the garden – whether it be in the plants, the trees, the flowers or even in the buildings that made up the garden

My favourite pic this session?  The Path of Leaves!

Really enjoyed this session as I get to grips with my new camera.

No Session next week – but i’ll still be busy – as I look for five things to capture

Something Red, A Portrait, Water, A Reflection, and an Old Building

and as a bonus challenge – I’ve got to do a compilation of all five items

Acrostic Nature Places Poetry


Water – cascading

Altered by gravity

Taking a form of a clear wall

Each little drop, following the other

Rushing round drops and Rainbows

Falling down into a pool, or lake below

Always constant in motion

Lovingly powered by the

Long streams of water above it.

Holidays Nature Poetry Seaside

The edge of the sea

Featured image

A Ten line poem written by the author whilst on a Turkish Beach.

Foam clouds hit sand – they call it the tide..
the edge of the sea, where plants reside.
Turning around from blue into white,
crisp little waves – sharp and bright.
Landing from water, its goods and its wares,
disposing the sea of its rubbish without care.
As shellfish take ‘vantage of the coolness of th’sea,
cocky crustaceans run on th’sands wi some glee.
As seawater washes on the shells in the sand,
the edge of the sea makes everything grand

Birds Poetry

Woodpecker on the Job

A Gold winning poem from

Hi there, I’m a woodpecker
who lives on this here site
I work my way through morning
and go home to my nest at night

Now what I do for a living
might seem strange for thee
but I peck holes in aluminium
for tin cans holding your tea

I have great fun and play great japes
in this old place where I cut out shapes
and though my pals on floor like me
I cant wait for 5 o clock for my tea

My nest is by the warehouse
and when home whistle does blow
I fly down the factory like a rocket
and into my nest do I go