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Another poem with an Olympic theme, seeing as we are approaching the Rio Games in Brazil.

It was basically a write up of the build-up and expectation, over the time i was helping out as a spectator services team leader during the Football Competition in Manchester.  I’ve put it into some kind of verse!


by Brian F Kirkham

August 2012


Olympic fever landed on Northern Shores

As a flame from Olympus passed every town and city

And it Came in Waves


We watched as excitement slowly arrived

Anticipation of what was to come

And it Came in Waves


Small Children – drawing in th’street

pictures of all the worlds athletes –

performing superhuman feats

and they came in Waves


From Lands end to John O’ Groats

People on Bikes, Cars, Planes and Boats

Landed in Britain and based themselves around

Britain’s cities, villages and towns

Building the waves


And as Team GB did their Best

Wearing that now familiar vest,

Every country became a guest

as they arrived in waves.


Spectators All, raised a cheer

and family members dried happy tears.

As athletes showed – they had no fear

and Bronze, Silver and Gold appeared

In Waves

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Captured in a Moment

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Immortalized in Stone.”

Sat at a writing desk

telling a tale

making readers smile

without fail.

No ink to speak of,

a laptop instead

writing down memories

that they’ll read of – when dead.

Legacy strong – held now in trust

Your own self portrayed in a statue or bust

and sharing a space with the great and the good

among other statues in a square or a wood

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The Little White Car

The East German alternative to the VW
The East German alternative to the VW Post WW2 – The Trebant

The little white car,
sits in th’ museum with pride
sitting on a plinth, sat up tall
The car built on the other side of the wall

The Red brigade closed VW down
In East Germany, the owners just sat and frowned,
As the little white car rolled in to town

You had to be creative with a shortage of steel,
but East German workers, would go without meals
as they waited in line, for a vehicle to drive
The Trebant was something, for people to strive.

And as for this car – design you couldn’t knock
the car that was made for the Soviet Bloc.
From Poland to Slovakia they all gave their aid,
in order for the little white car to make th’grade.

As a bit of a Kit – Car, it had fits and starts…
but a positive came from its changeable parts
An engine from Lada, Exhaust – FSO
Just add in some sparkplugs – away you would go

And those with VWs on the west side of th’wall,
would laugh at the little white car most of all.
As a symbol of communism – there in the east,
the little white car – was a toothless beast.

But each owner of one, would sing and rejoice
even if car, was not one of their choice.
as car raised their status – each one raised a voice,
Their little “Trebant” – was their own “Rolls-Royce”