Tag: Mythical

  • There’s a dragon in the garden

    #writeclub There’s a dragon in the garden making people smile he was placed on the path, by the daffodils and he’s been there for quite a while See when the moon is full and made its rise the people passing by get a wonderful surprise you might just be thinking of who, what and why […]

  • Hiding


    #promptuarium They said there was something horrible hiding in the forest feathers of a crow claws of an eagle human face, legs and hands Making noises around the trees as she hopped from branch to branch picking off fruit with glee and enjoying them for tea what they didn’t know was the creature was she […]

  • Asking for Unicorns

    Asking for Unicorns

    #Fowc #Unicorn Salford, February 1st 2021 A young lad was outside the seasonal grotto of a well known toy store in Greater Manchester He walked up to Santa, where Santa, in his red gown and white beard, asked him the question “And what do you want for christmas little boy?” “I want a unicorn….” said […]

  • Griffin

    Mythical Mighty mystical creature of folklore old Your reputation goes before you Terrorising the neighbourhoods in days of yore Head of an eagle, body of a lion Invincible in flight – no knight could catch you, Capturer of any treasure hunter wanting to get your gold Altai mountain kings regard you as their guard Looking […]

  • The Dragon’s Egg

    Another tale from the pages of allpoetry.com written by me – Enjoy the read Some workers were digging up pipes underground, when a very large coloured egg in the sand it was found. Now, the foreman of th’ site didn’t know what to do, so he called up some keepers from th’ local zoo. The […]