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  • Getting the band back together

    #WDYS #Orchestra #Conductor #Principal #Musicians The music had been written now the construction had to begin ink hitting finest vellum in a noble attempt to bring together strings, horns, piano and brass not forgetting, the clash and bang of percussion all to meet up for a number of nights under the spotlight in a grand […]

  • Keeping time

    Keeping time

    #FFFC #Music #Poetry It was like he’d never been away. the audience cheered and called out his name as he beat out a familiar rhythm with his sticks while the musicians around him followed his tune an old pied piper watching the jazz mice dance in the morning the writers would pour on praise as […]

  • Music


    #Fowc #Music Something with a definite Rythym Something with a definite Hum Don’t need an expensive instrument Percussion can be more than a drum tapping a beat down the street using a gate, or a wall or perhaps some dustbin lids bringing a tune to all Double bass made from a Tea Chest Tuba from […]

  • Tinkling the Ivories

    #writephoto A famous composer, passed away They say he died on stage He had an illustrious and varied career for one so long in age The memorial, it was a musical one and fellow musicians they wept as they reminisced on their old pal and chum and the musical appearances kept He was buried down […]

  • The Buskers Dilemma

    Their pitch was in the perfect location Their routine rehearsed to perfection and for once – the sun was shining No problem with people passing by, or pigeons up in the blue sky they had a crowd, who cheered laughed and cried They sung out most of the afternoon till the dawn of the appearing […]