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  • Bucket

    #Writephoto #Bucket Building tools sat on the beach utilised by the master builder creating something everyone will like, but keep looking – it looks like he’s gone off site expectation is he’s gone with mum and dad to get something tasty for lunch – fish and chips anyone?

  • Family

    For each family group a sense of togetherness is important Mum and dad teaching the basics of life so In time, when they leave the nest, they’re well prepared to yomp off on their own – not yet though – they need to find their feet.

  • Portrait of yourself

    #Napowrimo with a nod to Matt @ Writeclub for the prompt! It’s a funny thing the colours seem right but your eyes seem bulgy and your nose sits like a pyramid in the centre of your face shredded wheat beard to go with shredded wheat hair and a grin like a Cheshire cat The artist […]

  • Raise


    #fowc #raise The first rays of sun and the birds are up out of the trees there’s twigs to be found for renovations to the nest and little ones to feed

  • Back to school

    Back to school

    There was a sullen look over breakfast Samantha pushed her bacon and eggs around the plate Summertime was over – it was the start of a new term “Do I have to go” she pleaded, at the person opposite her at the table “I could always say i’m not well….” The newspaper opposite her ruffled […]

  • Point of evaporation

    Point of evaporation

    #writeclub a response to a writeclub prompt by inky The heat of the kitchen was the moment The hydrogen twins departed from their oxygen mum And went their own way Flying around the air In an attempt to find their own space

  • Timberwolf


    #CYW #Timberwolf There’s something unique in this relation of your pet pooch maybe its the way they band together when they’re searching for supper, everyone helping out in the pack roaming the forests as one – when they’ve found their food old and young share looking after one another – family – like you and […]

  • Just another day

    Just another day

    #Napowrimo #paperswans #children Picking up post for Mum and dad and reading a chapter a day Helping doing the washing and putting it away one hundred and one little things to do whilst i’m away from school playing games with nanna watching granddad play the fool and i’ve pegged out all my teddies clothes so […]

  • Return

    #writephoto #return He had to come back He’d completed his journey Hopping over sands and hills and dales He enjoyed the vast open planes of the grand canyon and Hot desert plains of the sahara However, something was calling him back, so he hiked across the hills from the local airport, where at home , […]

  • Lovebirds

    They say love is blind but upon meeting in our garden these two little birds have set up house in a spruce by the lawn and have had a little family Jealous rivals tried to evict but the long wing of avian justice soon sent the magpies packing So the little bird family have their […]