Learning Life Schooldays

Back to school

There was a sullen look over breakfast

Samantha pushed her bacon and eggs around the plate

Summertime was over – it was the start of a new term

“Do I have to go” she pleaded,

at the person opposite her at the table

“I could always say i’m not well….”

The newspaper opposite her ruffled

“well that’s a fine state of affairs…..” came the voice from behind it

the children alongside her giggled as they munched on their toast

“Its Not FAIR!” she moaned – thinking back to forty eight hours ago

she’d been much happier – soaking up the sun on a warm sandy beach

A pair of eyes peered over the newspaper

“Look – if it makes you happy – i’ll drive you into work today…”

she thought of turning up at the school gates in the 4 x 4 in the garage

“Well….that’d be nice”

“I’m sure it would be – for the kids….beside’s you’ve got to go to school”


“You’re the Headmistress!!!!”


Point of evaporation


a response to a writeclub prompt by inky

The heat of the kitchen

was the moment

The hydrogen twins

departed from their oxygen mum

And went their own way

Flying around the air

In an attempt to find their own space

Animals Family


#CYW #Timberwolf

Timberwolf (image from istock)

There’s something unique

in this relation of your pet pooch

maybe its the way they

band together when they’re searching for supper,

everyone helping out in the pack

roaming the forests as one –

when they’ve found their food

old and young share

looking after one another –

family – like you and yours, Mum, Dad, Brothers, Sisters and all

Childhood Growing up

Just another day

#Napowrimo #paperswans #children

Picking up post for Mum and dad

and reading a chapter a day

Helping doing the washing

and putting it away

one hundred and one little things to do

whilst i’m away from school

playing games with nanna

watching granddad play the fool

and i’ve pegged out all my teddies clothes

so they’ll be as snug as a bug

this afternoon i’ll be dressing them

and giving them a great big hug

Family Food Poetry


#writephoto #return

He had to come back

He’d completed his journey

Hopping over sands and hills and dales

He enjoyed the vast open planes of the grand canyon and

Hot desert plains of the sahara

However, something was calling him back, so he

hiked across the hills from the local airport, where

at home , mum and dad were waiting

his reward ? crusty bread and Home made soup

Birds Poetry


They say love is blind

but upon meeting in our garden

these two little birds

have set up house in a spruce by the lawn

and have had a little family

Jealous rivals

tried to evict

but the long wing

of avian justice

soon sent the magpies


So the little bird family

have their worms and grubs for tea

and mum and dad give little ones

rudimentary lessons in

entering and exiting the new nest

Birds Seasons Spring

Feathered Friends

Salford 30th April 2020

They come back every spring time

when the mercury starts to rise

taking up a home in the trees

giving passers by a surprise

Two birds sitting in their nest

wait till little uns do arrive

then mum and dad will feed them

so the little uns do thrive

And each morning when the suns up

Mum (or Dad) does hop

out of their green leaved little home

on a journey to the shops

Returning with some corn or wheat

or maybe a worm or a bug

to feed up the little birdies

in the nest all nice and snug

But like all little children

they grow up and explore

so don’t be surprised, if in morning you rise

and find the kids next door


Wake up call

Salford, 23rd April 2020

#Napowrimo #Nature


No computer required

as up on my window ledge

there are feathered friends residing

until their chicks are fully fledged they’ll be

residing there chirping from morning till night – I

expect to be up early when the sun pops up



#fowc #slide #childhood

Childhood joy

summed up in a single word.

Something to play with

than swings, see-saws or roundabouts

Ascending to the clouds

with each big step

And then travelling at speed

to your mum and dad below

Animals Cats Growing up Poetry

In the kitchen

Cat Sleeping in a kitchen
the prompt

It’s not easy when you’re little
the obstacle course
of the family house
can be treacherous
at the best of times

And after you wake up from your bed
if your mum isn’t there
you wait for what seems like
another lifetime
for your owner to appear

So while i wait for breakfast
i’ll enjoy another catnap
with my catnip mouse
and ball of wool
in the corner of the kitchen