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  • In this City

    #writeclub #napowrimo They built a place by a running stream Technology basic but builders keen It was the beginning of the city Basic wells grew in size to the chieftains surprise and mud and straw to create huts were changed for stone – hewn and cut Houses needed food so they built some farms and […]

  • Stuck in the Mud

    Stuck in the Mud

    You thought it would be easy, ignoring all the hallows crossing the river as you did safe (so you thought) , in the shallows the water was cool and slow as you dipped your toes in fast but as you crossed to the the other side you found yourself aghast For the soft brown mud, […]

  • Roof of sparrows

    Roof of sparrows

    #Birds #writeclub Construction began Simply enough a small nest for Mr sparrow and his family nesting in the eves the nest made of twigs mud and bracken and other different leaves Mr Sparrows brother moved in and soon it looked like the terrace below and little uns acted like the kiddies Moving too and fro

  • Muddy Footprints

    #CYW #Brown #Wet #Mud #Footprints #Camping Camping out in the wilds, has its disadvantages As the weather can be particularly nasty Making your way across the field to the washroom as Persistant little raindrops land on your head If you gave it some thought – you would have moved the tent Now everyone will know […]

  • Sludge

    Sludge Slightly horrible smelly build up Languishing lazily in U-bends , Drains and Basins Up and down the land Dredgers and High pressure hoses Go Across water and down pipes and grids, to Expel this horrible stuff from blocking up the drains

  • A Tale of Old Boots

    These Boots Were Made for Walking March 2011 In a part of the corridor, just by the stairs by the front door, lies a pair of Old Black Boots. It’s been quite a while since they have been walking. And if their owner were truthful – they could do with a bit of a clean.  The […]

  • Another boot in a window

    A tale of an Old Army Boot – On display in the timeline at Imperial War Museum North in Trafford, Manchester.   Another boot in a window ? The cobbler must be proud! As it’s placed in a window wi uniforms Oh, how it sings out loud.   But, dear boot is looking quite shabby, […]