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  • What lies beneath

    #writeclub #whatliesbeneath #napowrimo I In the Garden Guarded by Gnomes under the depths of your lawn flower bulbs lie sleeping awaiting the first rays of spring II A little bit deeper you’ll come across sand, soil and clay and perhaps some tesserae from a roman dwelling or villa Coins from a market , eating irons […]

  • Taking in the view

    #FFFC The walk up the mountain path was a long one with snaking twists and turns past mountain bogs and pot holes and occasional dead ends They’d gone up the mountain for a challenge and to see what was at the top but stopped at a meeting point half way up eating so they wouldn’t […]

  • Balanced

    #wdys Getting to the top of your personal mountain isn’t the achievement next thing is getting the balance to stay there New targets in sight often come from winning the original battle however, despite how easy you might see it reality is – having reached the top expect a challenge on your spot

  • Achievement

    #MLMM #Photochallenge Written for the Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Photo Challenge prompt. Photo credit: One Big Photo. He sat atop the conquered stone admiring the view cycling his way to the very top for a moment or two Looking out to heaven and down among the hills where the clouds amassed around his feet sitting there all still Standing […]

  • Castle in the Air

    Castle in the Air

    #WDYS He’d climbed that hill for many days till he decided to stop at a misty spot ahead a crafted house with spires and towers and follies the occupants? off and away on their jollies had he found heaven? hard to say but for a while he’ll rest here have a picnic and play

  • Atop the hill

    Atop the hill

    #FFFC The hill climb through wind and snow was treacherous One false move and the tribe would tumble headlong down the mountain Their destination just over the other side of the snowy tops but for a brief moment sweet relief as the chieftain picked out his purse and the Hut Door Opened “Fifty Five Hot […]

  • What’s the world made of ?

    #writeclub #Material #Question #Ground Mountains made of metals that need mining to be used Minerals around the Metals May also be fused to make shiny new things for this and for that and shirts ties and jumpers and coats and hats occasionally the metals come up in liquid form breaking through the crust – molten […]

  • Purple Mountain

    #CYW #Killarney #PurpleMountainMajesty Perhaps the imps were out last night up where the slate rocks lie reactions to the sun falling on the hills people are pleased with what they see on the eye lilacs , lavenders and amethyst shades – all those and much more everyone visiting loves the scene – so off they […]

  • Links

    #Socs #Links Like the loops of a chain keeping them together Like the wires transmitting the news to your TV Like the road that goes from A to B Something keeps them together Romans Rolling over Rural Scenes Rocky paths for Stallions and Soldiers Ripping through riverbanks Miles of track traversing the country Making its […]

  • Mountain Meadow

    Mountaineer came out of his wintry cave, the summit conquered up on the top of the hill, had been nothing but snow, but now those seeds sleeping under the snow had torn through the safety of the soil and provided a lovely view for the climber to see in time, he’d enjoy the fruits of […]