#Fowc #Drain

Delving down the plughole

revolving in a never ending spiral

as the water travels

in perpetual motion

night after night, down the pipes towards the cleaning plant


Photography Class

11th November 2015

I’ve been quite busy today….

The photography group at BASIC decided last week we’d try our hand at some motion photography, which we would use as part of our montage for the “Food for thought” Café in the centre…we all helped set up the shots and each took a turn with the tripod


Using water as the subject matter, we all took turns taking shots as the water was poured from a jug into a tall glass

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BASIC Food Photography Water

Photography Class @ BASIC, Salford

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Another Day in BASICs Photography Class – and today we’ve been doing a spot of Motion Photography.  It basically revolved about slowing down the speed of the shot to capture the movement in the picture.  The cameras were kept steady using a tripod or a flat surface and the shutter speed was brought up to a fast speed in order to capture the action of the water entering the glass and the bubbles it created.

It was a really enjoyable session as all the group worked as a team to achieve some brilliant photography


The motion photography is part of a ‘food’ theme we’ve got running throughout our lessons – we hope that some of the pics will be used to decorate BASICs Café – Food for Thought.