Heading out west

Salford 19th June 2018 #life #travel #sunrise #breakfast #morning I woke up early this morning, the local wildlife were up with the sun. I’m unaware of what they were discussing….probably breakfast, or maybe football ⚽️ . If anybody knows what rooks , blackbirds, song thrushes, and pigeons talk about over breakfast…please let me know IContinue reading “Heading out west”

Early morning conversation

Salford, 27th May 2017 A tale of early morning – beyond the window As luna heads off to bed and the stars drift off to sleep the feathers start a moving on the slates and tiles. Discussions on the latest morsel available today down by the quay whilst little sparrows duck and dive on newContinue reading “Early morning conversation”


Harmony It starts with the wind gently rushing through the green leaves feathered maestros awaken in nests and trees no electronic devices needed here as chirping chums share news around the bird bath and as they fly into the morning blue the song begins to take shape a tale of a glorious blue sky momentContinue reading “Harmonious”