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#fowc #Gliding

Gliding through the water

The crew waited for that moment

the moment that was perfect

the moment to change direction

No Salty Afternoon Washes

No Swabbing the decks of Seawater

No trouble from the turning wind

Simply moving through the water

Simply cutting past the breakers

Simply Gliding through the sea

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Two brothers

#octpowrimo #dogs #pointers

Two dogs…twins ? By inky

Been apart for a while , but

Really you never forget family

Out on the green fields

Two siblings meet, for the first time in a while

Happy to see each other, with

Eager calls and sniffs

Ready to run after one another for

Simply enjoying the moment

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A moment occured

when you expressed your affection for that girl at the bus stop with a

kiss…only for the romance to die

when you shuffled about

against the bus stop pole – in full view of the

remaining passengers, it might seemed

dramatic – and some old ladies smiled (all you could do was look downwards)

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The Moment

A poetical piece, posted as a poetic response to my piece in If I could turn back time….


A moment in an hour of doom,
lifted my spirits in the disco lit gloom.
This wallflower clings to the wall with care
whilst the beauty in his vision sits on a chair

A moment of courage came to the lad,
so I decided to take the chance I had.
And by chance , our eyes began to meet
so I started to shuffle my nervous feet

Towards You , on the floor
and not , towards the door

You took me, quite
by surprise!
When you moved, those
beautiful eyes
Towards the apparent, valentines
last prize

That was me.

So while you move, wi’ your soda and lime
we’ll move to the middle, and take our time
grasping the nettle, and taking a chance
to hold one another – and dance!