Arts Pleasures


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German Me 106

The formation of the squadron

came with a moment

Chassis and Wings coming together

with a single click

as planes from the past

joined up with their more younger cadets

on top of the bookshelves

American P51 Mustang Jet

and to stop two old veterans squabbling

they’ve each been given a runway

to stop them falling to pieces

British Spitfire
Character Poetry Toys

Back together again

The Hero of our tale! (with accompanying support from Inky)

It’s not easy being me….

I took a fall from a window

and went into flight

aided by the northwest wind

I went to pieces, without assistance

My head and legs went different places

I thought – “that’s it!” – and went to bits

as i thought i’d played my aces

But from the kerb and the grass

i saw a hand pass

and head and body did rise

(to my upmost surprise!)

I looked up at the lad,

as i went good from bad

and we headed back home

a new place to roam

So i sit on the shelf, thankful for health

with other model toys – oh joy of joys

enjoying my place – in my safety of space

and spending time as i can – a new lego man.


Burnt Orange

A head to turn heads

When you entered the room

Instantly, you turned the boys heads

Like Desdemona had arrived


Heaven’s angel mixed with Hell’s fury

Only time would decide what happened next

Meeting up with old friends

By the banks of the waterside

Reality – you would be back at your post come morning

Expectations – out of the window.

Acrostic Art Colours Toys

Life in Miniature


Salford, 18th may 2017


Mr Milnes tale , captured perfectly

In a moment

Notes of colour , delicately transferred onto

It’s material base

As models go, it sings the

Tale of the Hundred Acre Wood, in wonderful wonder

Uniquely created for a special store,

Reds through to Violets bring characters to life


Toys Tradition

In miniature


inside the toy store

the five fifteen from coniston

is about to arrive

sailing through tunnels in mountains

expertly created

by the big jobs

as the townsfolk stand frozen in time

anchored into a scene that will stay forever

(or until the model-maker returns)


In the Firing Line

Tables Turned


I quite enjoy my photography lessons at BASIC (Brain and Spinal injury centre) in Salford,

Well, I do most days…only last Wednesday was a little different.

The subject was Portrait Photography – and I was one of the Models!!!

It had been so easier behind the camera, One of the group sitting in the chair while we all took our pictures, trying our hand at long portrait shots, close ups and wide shots.  It was quite an enjoyable session,

And then it was my turn in the chair….

The Glare of the bright tungsten lights hit me full on.  My pals became shadows behind some very large lenses, and for a short while – I saw fireflies when the lights went down.

Pictures taken quick and fast, I lost count at the number of times I scrunched my eyes up.

Turning from east to west at my colleagues requests all the while trying to ignore the camera flash from much bigger cameras than mine.

By the end of the session though, I quite enjoyed my time in the photographers chair…

Fashion Model Poetry


like a Grecian goddess
you stand there.

captured in a Moment
by Acrylic paint.

Eyes fixed
on a point

Will time,
or viewers
know anything?

About me.