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  • The wrong key

    The wrong key

    #WDYS The rain had stopped when the locksmith arrived two sheepish lovebirds sat outside his latest job they were looking a bit worse for wear sat slightly damp on the garden bench but quite how they’d managed to, mistake car key for house key was anybody’s guess what was certain was he’d be eating well […]

  • Six word Story Challenge : Mistake

    Another of Sometime Stellar’s challenges : this was my take on this weeks challenge… He chose blue instead of red You’ll find the others at https://nicolaauckland.wordpress.com/2016/07/23/sometimes-stellar-storyteller-six-word-story-challenge-41/ – enjoy.

  • Six word story challenge

    As appearing on : https://nicolaauckland.wordpress.com/2016/07/23/sometimes-stellar-storyteller-six-word-story-challenge-41 This weeks prompt : Mistake Here’s my Six word Story on the prompt “He chose blue instead of red” (Fellow British WordPressers – make of that what you will!)