Nature Poetry

In Hiding


Rocks (Image by Sean Robertson)

The fast running stream

creates a moving cloudburst

over the mossy rock

The clouds have fallen

surprising the residents

under the water

Greenery watches

as the white mist promenades

over waters surface

Among all the rocks

who’s hiding in plain sight

family of frogs


Descent into the Mist


Photo credit: Luca Nardone on

They had had their fun

carving tracks down hill

it was time to return – that was then until

the skiers had noticed

they were there on their own

even though the chairlift

was filled up till it groaned

had their sports pals decided to down some more grog ?

or was something below them hiding in the fog ?

there wasn’t a signal on the top of that hill

so they sat on the benches, and waited until

the dense, hungry fog – decided to clear

and the horror of what happened to their pals did appear



Stacked Stones – or Dwarvish Artworks ? (Image SC Vincent)

Up above the basalt hills

some creatures they were playing

they thought they’d be safe up high in the clouds

so they just carried on wi their stacking

Little flat and greyish rocks

stood on top of each other

one mountain dwarf enjoyed the fun

so he called on his brother

And together – they made something – oh so high

and other dwarves – round th’ hills – said they wanted to try

so they all joined in under cover of the cloud

and built something the village of dwarves were all proud

and to save the towers of which they had built

they left walkers message – down in the silt

“Artwork by mountain folk – please do enjoy”

“be careful around them – and do not destroy”



#writephoto #veiled

Up on the hillside, who is that

hiding up in those misty hills

are we being over looked

by giant’s giving us chills ?

for out there in the distance

characters standing still

leaving us nothing but shadows

only caught by pencil or quill

Acrostic Poetry Weather


17th June 2019

#fowc #mist

The morning light falls

through fallen marshmallow

difficult to look through

just by looking

lights dipped low

as it slowly whirls around

noting the man in the reflective orange

encouraging you to slow down

familiar landmarks

obscured in the vapour

gravitate closer as you get near

greater fear – the mist gets denser – when

you find yourself chasing shapes

Weather Winter

Pea Soup

10th January 2019

I could say mother natures been cooking,

but she’s obscured my view

I can barely see, what’s in front of me

never mind a metre or two

And the pea soup – its a moving

as it follows the warmth of the ground

its making pretty whirls and swirls

as it moves around

And its not easy when your commuting

from museum to back to home

as the fog falls on down, it makes you frown

as you might just be looking through foam!


Air Snaps


In the cold light of day

you could break off the mist

and eat it all up


Say that its biting

it keeps things fresh

not frosty at all


Just cold enough

to take the heat off

and highten tastebuds

Seasons Weather

The First Signs of Winter


It’s a little bit misty this morning
(and the Mercury in the Inkdrop House Thermometer has definitely dropped!)
A couple of weeks ago – I was sitting in the madness of thirty degree heat in Oludeniz, Turkey
How i’d give for some of that heat today – its decidedly parky!
However… I’ve still got things to do today
A shift at Imperial War Museum North Awaits…
Airshard Impression