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  • Framed

    #1MinFiction Wanted A pair of handlebars and a comfy seat and a pair of wheels that will head down the street Two new pedals, so i can go for medals A couple of gears , that’ll last for years oh – finally a key – to set me free Written by Inky for Cyranny’s 1 […]

  • Microscopic


    #Napowrimo Your attempts at mending the clockwork toy were merely all in vain for that all elusive part that you look has gone towards the drain you were cleaning each part in the sink when a part or two headed for the brink a travel down to the sewage farm you thought you had saved […]

  • The last chapter

    #promptuarium #writing #library #books The chief librarian was a bit perturbed the books on the shelf had been disturbed the books they seemed that all was fine until the examined each of their spines See with some ease and reletive dexterity someone hand set the last chapters free driving the readers around the bend as […]

  • Where do missing socks go?

    Where do missing socks go?

    #Napowrimo I’ve been told there’s a place that missing socks go but where it’s located on this blessed earth heaven’s do i know perhaps they’ve gone to that magic space where the locks have no keys so they’ve locked on to a pole by a sunny bench and are sunning themselves with ease or maybe […]

  • When things grow legs

    A poem on irritation by inky A rant on Flat Pack Furniture I The planning was meticulous you bought it from the store the storage unit of your dreams that gave space and so much more It came with an Allen Key II Into the empty room you stood and looked at the jigsaw bits no […]

  • Lost

    ] #Lost #Fog #Picture #Disappeared #Vanished they went for a wonder through a familiar place when the fog lifted later of explorers – no trace   The local constabulary puzzled like all to Scotland Yard they made a call   The dogs let loose as the yards crack squad examined each footprint the missing had […]

  • Missing You

    Missing I sit here, writing all alone waiting for your exquisite tones Hoping that you will throw me a bone… because i miss you We parted, on good terms but separate ways and as the hours turned into days I wondered why you went away because i miss you Where did you go? Where did […]