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  • The visitor

    The visitor

    #birds #summer He landed last night having visited someplace sunny having spotted the green and blues and pinks he decided to stay around for a while The locals were friendly advising on spots over the fence where for a little bit of effort you could get a really good feed You could find a spa […]

  • Change in the weather

    Salford, 28th August 2020 The bird’s seem to have got the message The mercury is in retreat A nip in the air – you’re feeling As you’re heading down the street Clouds of grey are gathering waiting for their time to sprinkle their raindrops down on the ground blocking out the sunshine And while cold […]

  • Catching the wind

    #writephoto #soar Swifter than their feathered brethren – they welcome the signs of a changing breeze it means they’ll be off with their cousins the swallows for some warm air , seeds and sunshine, whilst taking occasional naps under leafy sunshades Some might say they float in the air when these birds have their wings […]

  • Flown Off (In Word Art)

    As its the start of winter, at the toolshed (home of the inkwell) A piece of artwork on seasonal migration….some of the birds have flown south The ducks, geese and swans (as usual) have decided to stay by the canal basin (Attracted no doubt by the free feed cast across the centenary walkway ! 🙂 […]

  • Heading for the warm

    #birds #nest #poetry The mercury retreating was a sign Restless mums and dads Feeding their offspring So flying lessons could begin Up in the nest They flapped their wings Facing the worst The weather could bring And out from the nest They jumped and they flapped Heading for a tree Their mum and dad mapped […]

  • Preparation

    The aviators are circling Preparing for their next great journey It was great the past few weeks In the warmth of a summer sun But now they’re circling The skies again Getting ready to head off To a place where it’s a little bit warmer The cats and dogs smile at the sight As the […]