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  • Commonwealth

    #commonwealth #games #sport #culture #Queen They’re meeting up in Birmingham like Glasgow and Manchester before to take part in the friendly games and go for medals galore From Canada and Australia they’ll gather and from Caribbean Islands they’ll meet to take part in a number of sporting events some that are down your street And […]

  • Drawn

    #fowc #Drawn captured in a simple moment admittedly its no Picasso but its sending out a message to the breakdown crew heading through the snow

  • Voice to text

    Voice to text

    #Onelinerwednesday Speaking to a Mobile phone gets things lost in translation

  • Wisps

    #octpowrimo October Skyline Sends out a creepy message Halloween is near You could say its light from the moon or street lanterns but summats moving Calling to them all whether dead or alive its halloween – jive! so out with message invitation for the night enjoy a good fright

  • Poisonous Plants

    Poisonous Plants

    #writephoto #nature #plants #poison Poisonous Plants – Image by KL Caley Positioned where they are in the garden, perhaps its best leaving them where they are… pretty colours often a sign to the present wildlife – to stay away, of course – the pesky bees and wasps are welcome pollen needs to be spread – […]

  • Hidden message

    Hidden message

    from inkdrops repository at allpoetry.com The green dollar billContains a lesson for allWho uses or spends Hidden away silentOn its folds and its edgesShort words of caution Lessons of learningDelivered by the banksIn a hidden form Prized by the manyHoarded by the blessed fewMessage for all here The root of all evil ?Every single greenbackTells […]

  • Medium

    #Socs #Medium Man in the middle expecting to receive a defininate message in the air around him unless he’s disturbed messages from the angels and spirits come quick

  • Lightning

    Like a flash in the pan It appears from the clouds Going quickly through the atmosphere Heading for the ground Thunder noisily telling you that not that far away – buckets of water will be falling soon Illuminating that message in brief bursts Night skies lit up in a spectacular display – it’s Going to […]

  • Verbatim

    #FFFC Verbally repeating something, word for word Everybody is supposed to do it Reality is by the time the message gets Back to the person its supposed to get to A key element has changed The message too – hasn’t gone out the way it should In fact – the receiver of the Chinese whisper […]

  • Pigpen

    #message #cipher #hidden Like Poirot or James Bond , out for a clue Over the message you did stew Nobody knew who had left it there Great time you spent reading to make you aware Chocolate location the source of the code If you could crack it you’d be off to its abode Pretty hard […]