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  • Mercury Rising

    Mercury Rising

    #Summer Most would think it crazy – everybody under umbrellas on a summers day reality is the solar winds have rested coming over the city centre up in the azure blue sky – there’s a few clouds but reach isn’t that far – and you really don’t want it to rain , so you head […]

  • waiting on the snow

    #weather There must be something wrong with the thermometer for the man at the met.office is suggesting we all wrap up snug and warm in the next few days His colleagues and pals say “its too warm for snow” but its hiding in the clouds while the winds are a go waiting for a mercury […]

  • Barometer

    Salford, 20th January 2020 Bodies like mine, are likea Barometer – theyreact to extremesof hot and cold – nevermind the big toe test when youenter the water in the baththe merest retreat of the mercury isenough for me to seek out a cure for therheumatism in my back, knees, and ankles

  • Summertime

    Something must have happened Until now – we’ve been told to stay indoors Move around only for Necessary Journeys Maybe those down at Whitehall saw the Elevated mercury from the thermometers on the wall – Reaction varied – from the reserved to just plain crazy The kids are acting as if they’ve never felt heat […]

  • The return of Spring

    Salford, 12th March 2019 I hear the mercury creeping up the kitchen thermometer but the boiler’s having none of it steam rising in the cold air from his friend , the kettle white mist still apparent from outside while red skies mix with blue as evening falls and the evergreens move in the breeze whilst […]

  • Greek Temple

    Greek Temple

    A Memory of a Greek Holiday to Rhodes Enjoy the view – I went up quite a few steps to get this drawing

  • Cooking off hot stones

    the mercury rose again today over at the campsite….they don’t need a match just a circle of stones baking in the mid morning sun plonking the pan on top and waiting waiting for the small drop of oil to start sizzling.

  • Waiting for the springtime

    17th March 2018 Sat in the toolshed on St Patricks Day Noting the barometer turned Over from Frosty to warm When all of a sudden the mercury goes into Fast flowing freefall And white powdery masses Land like leprechauns Lightly covering rooftops and cars

  • Outer Space

    Outer Space

    #coloryourworld #cyw #outerspace Picture created with Colorfy looking out into the night sky, it’s difficult to tell what colour outer space is we paint it black – like a sheet of silk and those far off dots in the fabric ? far off mystical worlds we gave them names – and put them in stories […]

  • Spring greens

    #Coloryourworld #cyw #spring-green From down in the ground on cold winter ❄️ months long 🍃 leaves take time to grow.   As their heads pop up from the ground rejoice! For their dark green foliage utimately signal mother nature fancies a change of scene   the mercury rises and the flowers 🌺 are coming spring […]