#MLMM She’s Waiting She’s Waiting by the platform She’s Waiting for a Train She’s Waiting for the train She’s Waiting for a particular train but for now – She’s Waiting She’s waiting to get to a place on the coast a place as a child she enjoyed the most a place that was way offContinue reading “Waiting”

Fulfilling a dream

A reminiscence Watching my first football game Enchantment on Boxing Day Seeing young charges, trying to Outdo the achievements of players and Heroes past Moving towards the opposition net and Enjoying the home team score a goal

A twist on Snakes and ladders

Salford , 30th July 2019 Basic and spinal injury centre, Salford. We’ve all played the board game of snakes and ladders before The idea is you roll the dice, go up the ladders and down the snakes all very straight forward , but has anyone tried playing it the other way round ? Where youContinue reading “A twist on Snakes and ladders”


Salford, Tuesday 15th May Since my last episode with my IV shunt, I’ve become more appreciative of what makes a memory the smell of cooking of an apple pie in the oven the sound of my favourite music 🎶 on the wireless the feel of my iwm fleece, that I wear when volunteering All these thingsContinue reading “Memory”

Random Access Memories

Memorize Memories are a funny thing even if your memory is reletively sound making the memory into something permanent requires an open mind and something to refer to remembering mum and dads birthday might be an easy one,  but if your mind slips, whilst you are Zedding away in the land of nod – itsContinue reading “Random Access Memories”


A response to the prompt Roots by Brian F Kirkham for the Inkwell Salford 8th May 2017 Like any other little seed, you need time to grow grasp the air spread some branches And when the time is right charged with energy and excitement you’ll take your own flight before landing on the soil ofContinue reading “Roots”