#CFFC #Patterns I like patterns you can find them all around you, whether its in nature , or in your home furnishings in a mural or a picture I Volunteer at Imperial War Museum North, in Manchester, and a key place you spot patterns are in the camouflaged objects around the exhibition space Most camouflageContinue reading “Patterns”

Looking Up

in response to the prompt Perspective (Photograph, Looking up – Mediacity  UK: Salford (c) Brian F Kirkham 2013) You gain a particular perspective , looking up in the sky. I don’t know what it is, perhaps its noticing the flocks of birds flying in squadron in the morning sky.  Or perhaps its the reflections of glassContinue reading “Looking Up”

A Martian Landed at Media City

A Martian he landed at Media City He took a look round, but thought it a pity That attracted by all those colourful lights He landed his craft where he couldn’t see sights.   He saw a Man in a uniform sat behind desks turning young adults to nervous wrecks saying ‘this isn’t a placeContinue reading “A Martian Landed at Media City”

The Wabbits have landed

A number of Large rabbits have landed on Salford Quays. Its all to do with a digital lightshow taking place on the quayside, entitled ‘lightwaves’ – the aim of the show is to animate the spaces around Mediacity and the surrounding piazzas. (for English purists: I can’t call it a Square – Its Round!) There’sContinue reading “The Wabbits have landed”