Tag: Medals

  • Javelin

    #Commonwealthgames #Athletics #Field #Javelin You could call it one of the oldest disciplines as the soldiers hurled their spears deep into enemy territory but instead of aiming for another army your agile spear is aiming for height and length as it climbs through the air to land on the field of play hit the distance […]

  • Hope


    #socs #hope I expectation…. its building in the streets wondering if Maybe – Just maybe the men and the ministry will tell us we can go back to normal II Grandkids calling their nannas and grandads plans being formulated over an i-pad screen rendezvous to see them and share a hug III The athletes preparing […]

  • Run

    #SoCs #Run #Life #Sports you’ve been doing this since you were little toddling round the garden Rewards ? Only you know there’s a time to beat – from a to b kept from the last time you did it stopwatch started at the first step and while you pound the sandstone and tarmac you’re chasing […]

  • On the record

    Record Old box files a tale of someone’s life diaries , holding memories from long ago photos of holidays from far off places sitting next to journals of journeys gone by memories frozen in a moment time captured in an object the cv…course of life ?…doesn’t come close as you open the lid, and moments […]

  • Golden Moments

    In another place, whilst I eat my tea Our brave athletes are going for victory flying round tracks and fields of all kind focused on goals in body and mind Prepared for the task – with targets in hand strategies made – and races planned Zeus watches on as the events unfold as Britain goes […]

  • Capturing that star

    In response to Reach   Ready Team ? its time for your moment in the sun. Everyone is cheering you on – the prize is in sight As you enter the arena – its fever pitch as Cohorts of fans – push you towards your ultimate goal Handling that precious medal of Bronze, Silver or Gold […]

  • Maybe…

    Maybe The chance to gain the prize you’ve done the training improved your stats gathered composures and pinpointed your faults   The prize is in your reach fame and fortune a short distance away your competition studied its just you and that distance in your way to the gold   will you make it maybe….