#Socs Source – The first three words from chapter 7 of “The Fourth Bear” by Jasper Fforde (Hodder and Stoughton,2006) “Most dumped boyfriend” The words on the medal read, he’d placed the metal over his eye to lessen the swelling to his head He washed away the lipstick from the cheek they’d kissed as theyContinue reading “Unlucky”

Thoughts of the long distance runner

Salford, 12th May 2017 Down the long stretches of Tarmac he goes In darkness, fuelled by apples and bananas Some call him crazy, but others they smile Taking to the deserted road, to break down his time All for the prize, of reaching that line Nice shiny medal and Achievement awaits Could records be brokenContinue reading “Thoughts of the long distance runner”


A poetic response to another Golden response from Paralympics GB (Hannah Cockcroft, winning Gold in Rio)   Have you been watching ? A Magical moment in the Rio lights New wheels speeding down the track to a Gold Neutrals and rivals all – Astounded – The British girl Has taken it…. Speeding through the competition,Continue reading “Supercharged”

My Treasured Possessions

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Pride and Joy.” This one is a bit of a tough question to ponder, over the years i’ve collected a number of certificates to do with either Education and Training – leading eventually to the award of a HND from Manchester Metropolitan University.  I went through theContinue reading “My Treasured Possessions”