Colours Poetry

Caribbean Green

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They dug down deep to find this rock

The shade of the Caribbean sea

Look carefully and you might find a wave or two

Captured in the smooth cut surface

that your breakfast has been served on.

BASIC Colours Photography

Creating something special

Brain and Spinal Injury Centre, Salford

20th October 2017

Returned to the home of BASIC Clicks to create some lit up photography

here’s my favourite shots

The portacabin was dark during the creation of these shots

Orb – setup shot for the other shots (this one in the light – others dark)

Marble in Light



Mars Fragment

Cameras – Sony DSC – H300, Nikon D3100

Equipment – Backcloths (Dark), Tripods, Seashells, Glass Ball, Fairy lights

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Three coins in the Fountain

Three Coins in the Fountain

Salford, 7th June 2016


Three coins in a fountain, in a patch of green in a City in Europe

Three coins – thrown in at first light of a Mediterranean Morning

Three coins, shimmering under the blue water

Three coins, magnified in the wet

Three coins, small currency, change for a coffee

Three coins, they shine, One silver – two copper

Three coins, that made a little one smile

Three coins, for three little wishes

Three coins, that travelled quickly – high in the sky

Three coins, that splashed down to a marbled fountain bed

History Monuments War


In response to

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Sitting on Marble

Surveys his patch of Green.

Oh, Noble Father of this Town

See the

Fruits of your Tremendous Feet

As Colour covers ground

With Happiness

All Round


A Mirrored Syllable Poem where the top half of the poem (2-4-6-8)

Mirrors the Form on the Bottom (8-6-4-2)

Beach Places Poetry

The Bracelets Lament


I don’t like rain

It’s wet and it’s cold

Shining reflective on my marbles and gold

Here I lie, on the sand

with water beneath

The helpless victim of a seaside thief

He grabbed me from my owner

whilst she was playing in the sea

and flew off to his hideout

for a moment or three

But the family of this Avian Con,

got too excited at his find.

Hopping around, in their nest,

with others of their kind

Feathers flew, and claws they scratched

and suddenly I found

I’d been dispatched

Falling from a height, and with great speed

has left me in a bit of a muddle.

But the suns rays, make me quite colourful

as I sit here by this puddle

Animals Photography


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In response to the photo challenge – a Trio of Marble Elephants!

Three Elephants went out one day…upon a spiders web to play….