Out in Space

Wednesday, 9th October 2019 #Space #Toys #Dreams #Octpowrimo He always wanted to travel Lego man living on the shelf his greatest descent – not a fall from grace but sent into flight from a feather duster till one day he flew onto a book that made his dreams into reality (of sorts) – as heContinue reading “Out in Space”

Mirror Man

#FFFC #Mirror #Man Manchester, 7th October 2019 A tale of a street performer, inspired by Fandango’s Picture in the Flash Fiction Challenge He Stands on his spot, on the grass in the square, doing his thing while the others stare. Today it is sunny, so today – there’s a crowd with his occasional movement theyContinue reading “Mirror Man”


Dim In the dawn light of a winters morning its very hard to see why the important man with his very important briefcase should be stood at the platform getting covered in snow if he’d listened to the announcer – a bus arrived two minutes ago but he let it pass and like an assContinue reading “Dim”