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  • Inside the envelope

    Inside the envelope

    #Writeclub #Insidetheenvelope Another Writeclub Prompt for Napowrimo….Cheers to Anne for Providing this one…. I Communication tween two people that really cannot be said down a copper wire II Specially composed text for a loved one living many miles from you Distance over water brought closer by ink III Someone’s special day today and a little […]

  • Special Delivery

    #Fowc #Delivery A Knock on the door there’s something special waiting for you at the front door Not just any missive here it’s wrapped up in fancy paper metallic and shiny with one great big stamp where its gathered on its bottom For someone special things to draw and paint and colour and create things […]

  • First day cover

    #Octpowrimo #stamps #art Thursday 10th October 2019 Falling flat on the floor Five…No…Six….colourful creations on a theme Fixed to their very own envelope and Filled with a card For you to find out all about them

  • Through the letterbox

    Through the letterbox

    Salford, 11th August 2017 Delivery   Dropping through the front door Expectant messages and Local News, all In time for breakfast. eyes Veer on special days – particularly birthdays as Everybody enjoys getting to Read a card or two from their reletives – Year on Year, it always raises a smile