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  • There’s a dragon in the garden

    #writeclub There’s a dragon in the garden making people smile he was placed on the path, by the daffodils and he’s been there for quite a while See when the moon is full and made its rise the people passing by get a wonderful surprise you might just be thinking of who, what and why […]

  • Chicken Soup (Panacea)

    Perhaps you say, it could have magical properties as the recipe has been passed down the generations for years notably, it reaches parts your chemists cold cures dont and it’s tasty to the person that’s eating it changes to little things like seasonings, are expected through time but everybody knows the core of chicken, onion […]

  • Musical Fixings

    Musical Fixings

    A piece for the prompt Transmogrify Left over bits from the scrapyard, Bits from a box full of fixings. Nuts and bolts mingle with springs and old allen keys, brought together on a square by the craftsman – bringing a magical musical fellow to life. No need to go nuts for your previous existence play […]