Acrostic, Childhood, Cooking, Food, Poetry


Crafting a dessert, is a bit of a magic trick

Oranges sliced and pineapples diced get laid in a dish, and

Next comes the syrup and then the batter, before the dish is covered in foil

Just before the dish is put in the oven – four holes are made to let out steam

Until its time – for it to be turned upside down and

Royally presented to all sat at the table

Excited little ones ask – can i have custard with mine ?


Music, Performance, Pleasures, Poetry



Right about now

in music classrooms in high schools up and down the land

four piece bands are being formed and

fret boards are taking a hammering

Repeated notes

in ordered formation

fill empty spaces on the musical page

forming a foundation to create something magical

Rythum and Blues follow guitar

in concert halls up and down the land

following the familiar formation

followed by the star playing the guitar strings




If you’re looking for the real thing – don’t forget to check twice

lots of people fall for the magic trick –

losing sight of what’s in front of them

unless you focus your attention – you’ll get

sucked in by the grandeur of it all

ignore the fancy effects – the flashy costumes

on reflection – you’ll be taking on a pig in a poke

note the guy doing the deal – wants you to go for it