#Octpowrimo #Camera #Breathe #Acrostic Salford, 24th October 2019 An acrostic of self help and photography! Back on the corner of the quay Really trying to grab the colours in that iconic building Except – right at this moment – it’s not working for you A time to step back, assess and relax Take five ,Continue reading “Breathe”

Man on the corner

Salford, 24th September 2018 Sat on the corner, a man sits with his pencils, paper and paints lovingly capturing local life for years he’s being perfecting his craft only using the same palette of colours to bring reality of the places he draws in pencil or charcoal to life

Walking down the streets i knew

Heading from the museum bridge and past the Lowry I’m heading for my little place by the streets once known to me Wharfside still contains its ‘houses but cottons been traded by song Sea Shanties ? No, but sounds of the day that play out all day long Ordsall Hall still stands proud Off TraffordContinue reading “Walking down the streets i knew”