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  • Where do missing socks go?

    Where do missing socks go?

    #Napowrimo I’ve been told there’s a place that missing socks go but where it’s located on this blessed earth heaven’s do i know perhaps they’ve gone to that magic space where the locks have no keys so they’ve locked on to a pole by a sunny bench and are sunning themselves with ease or maybe […]

  • Purple Mountain

    #CYW #Killarney #PurpleMountainMajesty Perhaps the imps were out last night up where the slate rocks lie reactions to the sun falling on the hills people are pleased with what they see on the eye lilacs , lavenders and amethyst shades – all those and much more everyone visiting loves the scene – so off they […]

  • Chasing Rainbows

    Chasing Rainbows

    A response to photo challenge #319 at mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com Appearance of seven bright colours Breaking through the skies leads to a Chase through the streets by some in a Desperate (or plain daft) attempt to grab Elven, pixie or Leprechaun treasure Fate decrees though, by the time the hunters Get to their multi-coloured target , the […]

  • Life through a Lens

    Life through a Lens

    #Spectacles #Life #Hydrocephalus #Photography Distance viewing is a pain for me It’s why i capture images with my camera Going from place to place grabbing Images of locations from The local park to Artefacts held in the Local history library Perhaps you’d put it down to my specs holding the key to my blurry eyes […]

  • Writing Spaces

    In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Writing Space.” I find nowadays, its not so hard to find a place to sit down and write. Lets look at today, Its a relatively clear November Morning in Salford, its quiet – not much traffic on the nearby road outside – and right at this moment – […]