Tale of a Chameleon

Chameleon By Brian F Kirkham 23rd August 2016 Young Fred he came home wi’ a lizard he wanted the whole world to see he showed it to his Mum and Dad and talked about it wi’ glee! Now his dad he brought the lizard a new home of glass that stood by settee. Wi atmosphere andContinue reading “Tale of a Chameleon”

A Summery San-San

Along the rose-mounted wall A lizard rests as he does lie Summer time the perfect season amongst coloured flowers? he’s having a ball! munching on insects – the cricket or fly enjoying the summer sun – there’s no time to waste! then resting under palm tree shadow – the reason to cool off instead ofContinue reading “A Summery San-San”

The Dragon’s Egg

Another tale from the pages of allpoetry.com written by me – Enjoy the read Some workers were digging up pipes underground, when a very large coloured egg in the sand it was found. Now, the foreman of th’ site didn’t know what to do, so he called up some keepers from th’ local zoo. TheContinue reading “The Dragon’s Egg”

Eye Spy…

Eye Spy The Question is…who spotted who first ? You see, I was sat on the veranda of my Turkish holiday apartment in Oledeniz, when this chap popped from behind a tree to say “Hello!” And then he started following us around the hotel complex and the nearby beach – passing from tree to treeContinue reading “Eye Spy…”