#Fowc #Address

A thing that’s got to be written right

door number, street, town and county – and

don’t forget the post code

royal mail postmen expect them to be there

especially if its

somebody’s special birthday delivery

simply putting it in another postbox just wont do!

Poetry Romance

Mislaid Valentine

Salford 15th February 2019

Charlie Brown

waited for the postman

for a response to the card he sent

to the red haired girl – across the field


he missed him

as Snoopy was dining on the card

that fell on the Brown’s hallway floor

Beach Places Poetry Seaside

Message in a bottle



The green glass container

landed with a bump on the sands

The sea, tired of its presence


No fine wine or olive oil here

but something more precious

a message for someone special


Sent in hope than anticipation

dropped into blue waters

floating off towards land


Time remains – and Questions Unanswered

Did message reach intended target ?

Or is he (or she) ? combing the shore ?

Acrostic Politics




Since you found the need to write it

I’ve looked over your pen – letter

Never before have I read such venom

Created by the sharpness of your quill

Even now, with your poison consumed, I question your

Real intention behind each word…Do you really care?

Expect a firestorm.