Learning Life Poetry

Morning Lessons


This morning i learnt

you don’t have to have milk with everything

News can wait till after you’ve woken up

The sound of passing traffic can be quite relaxing

(through two panes of double glazing)

Never trust the weatherman

(leave the umbrella by the front door)

Grab each moment as it comes – and enjoy it

Pain comes and goes – but memories last

so take the sharp with the smooth

When you’re by the window – and the blackbirds come calling

enjoy the display – its even better if you can hear it

Have fun with your handiwork – enjoy the fruits of your labour

(Whatever pudding it happens to be in)

Childhood Schooldays


Photo by Kindel Media on

it began

quite simply

with a litmus test

sorting out acids from alkalis

colours red and blue

reactions of tiny pellets

in beakers of different solution

watching them

dance in the bubbles

as they fizzed away

changing solutions

creating new things

turning acids and alkalis

into physical coloured crystal

with combination and evaporation

Lockdown poems Poetry

Not So Bad

#schooldays #promptuarium

With the current lockdown

the kids are back in school

forget the bug that’s virulent

the doctors overruled

Schooldesks spaced out plenty

while lessons start anew

learning english maths and all

for tests that are a due

And playtime the kids are spaced out

in their own little spots and squares

its not much fun playing on your own

but at least you’re in the fresh air

But the signs of good things a coming

can be smelt coming down from the hall

the smell of custard with pudding

has made its way through the classroom wall

Acrostic Clouds


Sunday 1st March 2020

Doing schoolwork when the sun is shining is

A bit of a chore – and kids have been doing it for

Years, staring out the window

Doodling sheep out of the clouds

Reactions from the teacher ?

Expected, but getting angry won’t grab their attention

As the warm rays cast onto the tables of the classroom

Making colourful rainbows across the table


Lessons with a Lightbox

DSC_0004[1] DSC_0005[2] DSC_0006[1] DSC_0007[1]

On Wednesday, I took part in BASICs Photography Class, where we learned about creating still life’s using some basic items and a light box, which we were also shown how to make

Using Fruits and leaves, provided by our marvellous tutor, Maggie – I managed to create some great patterns –  The fruit board and the pic of the two leaves were created using a table lamp as the light source and worked just as well.

Funny thing is – I did these shots on my Xperia Mobile Phone.  Happy the way they turned out , I particularly liked the fruit board I set up!