Acrostic Clouds


Sunday 1st March 2020

Doing schoolwork when the sun is shining is

A bit of a chore – and kids have been doing it for

Years, staring out the window

Doodling sheep out of the clouds

Reactions from the teacher ?

Expected, but getting angry won’t grab their attention

As the warm rays cast onto the tables of the classroom

Making colourful rainbows across the table


Lessons with a Lightbox

DSC_0004[1] DSC_0005[2] DSC_0006[1] DSC_0007[1]

On Wednesday, I took part in BASICs Photography Class, where we learned about creating still life’s using some basic items and a light box, which we were also shown how to make

Using Fruits and leaves, provided by our marvellous tutor, Maggie – I managed to create some great patterns –  The fruit board and the pic of the two leaves were created using a table lamp as the light source and worked just as well.

Funny thing is – I did these shots on my Xperia Mobile Phone.  Happy the way they turned out , I particularly liked the fruit board I set up!