Magic eye


its really clever you know

capturing birds in flight or

excited squirrels running about the garden

batched up and processed in a single click

exception – getting the image you captured

relayed to paper – but its quicker than negatives

great device, capturing life in a click


Life through a Lens

#Spectacles #Life #Hydrocephalus #Photography

Distance viewing is a pain for me

It’s why i capture images with my camera

Going from place to place grabbing

Images of locations from

The local park to

Artefacts held in the

Local history library

Perhaps you’d put it down to my specs

holding the key to my blurry eyes –

only – it isn’t

the camera is working fine – the computer isn’t – so

on days when i’m headed out on the

green fields of england , you’ll find a pair of glasses

round my head

aiding my eyes to see things a little bit clearer

putting scenes into a picture and

helping me capture a scene

you might all like

Acrostic Buildings Growing up Learning Life



Maybe, with your feet

Anchored to the ground

Some things might look

Slightly bigger than they actually are

in fact, when you look at a certain

vision in a glass lens

everything seems bigger than it should be

BASIC Colours Learning Memory Photography

Bokeh and Scotch Pancakes

Salford, 25th February 2017

I’m feeling rather happy today.

There’s a reason for this.  As people know, I’ve been participating in photography classes whilst I get back on my feet

The classes take place at the Brain & Spinal injury centre off Eccles New Road, close by to the Neurological wing at Salford Royal Hospital (Hope)

Subject of the day : One China Cup – Soon to be lit up

I used my Sony Cybershot in the session – and the class put together a series of shots which (I thought) would look good on the screen.

Teacup / Lights  Bf Kirkham

Some came out blurry, whilst some – didn’t come out at all

Snowflake lights – B.F Kirkham

I did this test shot, to make sure my camera was working with the lens filter.  I quite like it, as it looked like it was snowing indoors!

eventually though – the lights began to appear through the lens.  Having thrown the image off focus – the effect was finalised using a photoshop filter – glowing edges which created the colourfully lit bubbles rising from the teacup.

I was looking for rainbows today – and they appeared – thanks to a little bokeh magic.

I celebrated my achievement with a plate of scotch pancakes….but there will be more like this soon, so watch this space.

Lightlit Bubbles - Bokeh.jpg
Rainbow lights from a teacup – B.F Kirkham




“Everybody dance into the light”….Dance into the light – P.Collins, 1996.

A Mug of something magical – normally my mug of hot cocoa from whittards!!!

Teacup with lights (created by B.F Kirkham)

(Photograph : Brian F Kirkham)

It’s said that a black hole swallows up every last bit of light around it.

The same can be said for a Bokeh effect Lens

We’ve been making these Lenses from Black Paper / Card in our photography sessions at BASIC in Salford.  The Image is concentrated on the amount of light going through the lens, producing some rather delightful effects.  The shape of the lights is changed by the lens, and due to the light source being thrown out of focus, you can make the simplest of lights turn to teardrops, butterflies or even stars depending on how far away you are from your backdrop.

Looking at the picture it looks like the lights are ‘dancing’ around the coffee cup.

And the key to getting these effects, darkening the surroundings of the subject so the light is concentrated through the shaped lens on the camera.

BASIC Photography

Through a Lens


This weeks photography class at BASIC in Salford, involved taking photographs through an object.  The scenes were placed behind a Glass Ball and the pictures were shot through the ball.



The images obscured depending on the angle of the shots taken.  The Miniature image captured through the sphere a copy of the picture behind it.


Scenes Captured in a Ball – The technique produced some lovely effects


The idea was you didn’t concentrate on the image behind it – just the image in the ball!

The session produced some great pictures, and i really enjoyed creating the images i did with my camera.

Photography Poetry

Capturing Time (v2)

The scholars say that

oil paintings are like windows

windows to the soul

So when the light dawned

something steely simply happened

on a happy monday

From the first moment

as shutter opened and closed

World and time just stopped

Moments Freeze on glass

On The first frame of cold film

the first bit of time

Was it an act of love my dear ?

or something much more dark

developed in a photo lab

you captured me – forever in time