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Hard rain fell from the skies

aiming to fall on northern plains

“it’s dangerous this falling ice”, said a

legionnaire to his centurion – so quickly they took cover

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Roman Wall – Mamucium

Manchester, 26th July 2016

In honour of the Roman Wall at Manchester’s Castlefield I wrote this brief little ditty.

Pulled it out of the leaves of Notebook 1 so I can share it with you all

(Artwork created by me – using Corel Painter)

Manchesters Roman Wall - An apt subject for an Impressionist Painting.

Ave! My friend.

 and welcome!, sit down.

 rest, as you enter this garrison town.

 You have reached Mamucium

 or “Castle-in-the-field”

 it’s a place, where we Romans

 don’t often yield.

 We fight with the Pilum

 and fight with the sword

 defending our lands

 from the blue pictish hordes

 We have a great legion

 five hundred men strong

 to service the need of

 the wall, that’s quite long

 And we’ll go off to Deva

 to have fun for the night

 arriving to watch

 the gladiators fight.

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The Roman Wall

Roman Wall & Sheep_Painting
Roman Wall & Sheep_Painting

A Tale inspired by the re-constructed Roman fort at Manchester’s Urban Heritage Park – Castlefield.

Ave! Dear old Friend!

Welcome, sit down.

Rest your feet for a while in our Garrison Town.

You’ve arrived at Mamuncium

Our “Castle – in – the – Field”

In a place, where we Romans

Don’t often yield.

We have a great legion,

Five hundred men strong

to service the Emperor Hadrian’s wall

which in truth , that’s quite long

And when sun’s down we head off to Deva

to go and have fun for the night

Relaxing after a hard days soldering

watching the gladiators fight.