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Two Brothers

A tale of two neighbourhood cats – c/o my profile on

Sat on a grassy spot,
someplace by the house
two brothers sit on the outside porch
dreaming about a mouse

They’re waiting for their mum
to serve up summat for tea
and have been playing in the backyard
rolling in the grass with glee

Prowling through the green grass
as not to be seen or heard
pouncing on patches of lawn
hunting for a bird

Climbing on tables and chairs
in their fur all black and white
pondering what’s their catfood tray
thinking – what’s for tea tonight ?

Nature Poetry Weather



Down the road blown by the wind

rafts of snow travel quickly

in forms that move like starlings

forward and back, the snowflakes move

till the wind drops, and they land softly on the lawn


deftly floating it’s way out to sea

rickety branches travel across the water

in expectation they’ll

find their way through the salty sea

towards the sandy shore


Acrostic Animals Cats Garden Poetry


Salford, 15th November 2017

In response to the daily post prompt


A Tortoiseshell Kitty Cat

Tortoiseshell tom surveys his patch of green

even the dogs know to stay off this lawn

royal rumbles await any interloper

rounding on the garden

its all his – and every night he lets you know

taking on those who’d want to mark their place

on his little kingdom

right now though – this little prince is

yelling at the front door….he wants his lunch!!!!

Colours Garden Nature Seasons Spring Winter

It is easy being green!

It IS Easy Being Green!


Its quite easy being green

Watching the plants wake from the cold of winter

sprouting new shoots from barren branches

Calamatous cold conditions

giving way to glorious growth

watching wiry stems produce perfect petals

Evergreens look on proudly

as new growth comes from fallen seed

proud parent watching little seedlings

Rainbows of colour

pop through the carpet of lush greenery

from red through to violet – dotted round the borders

Acrostic Colours Garden Poetry

Screamin’ Green

#coloryourworld #cyw #screamingreen

Some say, you’re a loud color

Causing a bit of a stir when you’ve been seen

Round the flowers you get more attention

Even more than the reds – to them it’s obscene

As your noisy colour spreads through the garden

Many cover their eyes at the sight

Its like Halloween twenty four – seven, particularly at

Night – time, the stars and moon don’t know what to think –

Glowing as you do on the front lawn

Colours Garden Nature Poetry


#Coloryourworld #CYW #Yellowgreen #Yellow-Green


Mr Macgregor made a mistake

leaving those plant pots there

for where there was a lush green lawn

now requires a little repair


For a bobbled line of circular kind

can be seen each side of the path

it looks like the Macgregor’s lawn

faced Mother – Nature’s wrath


So circles round, they decorate

down the garden from house to gate

in a shade of yellow – green

(a colour the Macgregors aren’t that keen)


But certain plants they like that shade

and vibrant colours they’ll parade

Next to the yellow-greenish border

where everything to them is nice and in order

Character Colours Garden Nature Parks



#Coloryourworld #cyw #Unmellowyellow

Hardly the mellowest flower in the garden

your bright colour screams for attention –

a central figure among the reds and the blues

look at me! you cry as people picnic on the green grassy lawn.

surrounded by you and your siblings

they agree as they feast on their banana sandwiches

and drink their old fashioned lemonade

you certainly brighten up the day.

Character Colours Nature Poetry


#coloryourworld #cyw #Dandelion


King 👑 of the wildflower beasts

in the centre of the lawn you survey your kingdom

blades of grass bow to your yellow mane

as your family sets root across the square of green

one day, it will be time to pass your crown 👑 to another

but until then enjoy your moment in the sun ☀️

providing shade for the beetles.

Birds Garden Poetry


Beyond the night, a
Lonesome aviator lands
As daylight peeps its head over the horizon, the
Clever little feathered one
Keeps an eye on the lawn
Below, looking out for
Insects, or even a juicy worm
Round the four sides of the garden he flies till he
Dives down, on his prey – breakfast is served