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  • Tinkling the Ivories

    #writephoto A famous composer, passed away They say he died on stage He had an illustrious and varied career for one so long in age The memorial, it was a musical one and fellow musicians they wept as they reminisced on their old pal and chum and the musical appearances kept He was buried down […]

  • Summats brewin

    Summats brewin

    Late night on a Tuesday , Watching a comedy on the golden channel While Russell Hobbs is whipping up a storm For my late night cup of tea The fruit tea looks on enviously, No imitations tonight …. I’ll leave that to the comedians Tea bag oozes through the milk till it gets that oh […]

  • Late Night Listening

    Twenty to two you’re wide awake listening to the sounds that the night owls make The rumble of goods from factory to store the bells of the crossings as the train tracks roar Cool cats wail out their tunes on the corner sounding like a group of funeral mourners And the horns and the boombox […]