Garden Nature

Desert Sand

#CYW #Desert #Sand

Drifting in over land and sea

enveloping everything it passes

sand from the sahara travels on the wind

easily passing over land and sea

resting on roofs, cars and even plants

the succulents smile – they’ve seen this before

Soil looking more like blackpool than old trafford

as grains land on the turfs and lawns

notable how the gardener greets it though –

drainage is improved by this helpful visitor


Horizon II

#Fowc #Horizon #HorizonII

A shot of Duxford Airfield, Taken by Inky, for the planes taking off and the clouds in the horizon

Half way tween the earth and the sky

On which the sun exchanges places with the moon

Reality is although you can see it

In your eye line – you’ll find it impossible to reach

Zero degrees – and its all so far away

On the occasion you’ve reached your destination –

Next thing you see – is that place you want to be

Acrostic Animals Nature Poetry


Salford 9th March 2018



When you look around the world you live in,

Open your eyes – for sometime you can be oblivious to the

Number of things , living on the land you call home

Down in the Water, and Up in the air

Every kind of creature lives on the planet –

Rejoice and enjoy the things around you – they’re eyedropping!

Character Poetry



It’s that bit, where the sky meets the sea

the place where sun and moon go up and down

to tell the difference tween day and night

an elusive fellow by nature

as he looks so far away when you look at him

by the time you think you’ve got to where he is

he’s either ten miles in front – or stood behind you

Animals Colours Exploration Garden Nature

Tropical Rainforest

Salford, 26th February 2017

Another original scribble from the pen of inkdrop, wi a little imagery from google….messed about by yours truly


#colouryourworld #cyw #tropicalrainforest #poetry #art #nature

A place the wild things call home

greenery up and down the land

from the tiniest of bugs to man’s cousins

they all live here

co – existing under the shelter of mother natures clouds

and whilst little ones play in watery lagoons

others sleep in treetops – till the rising of the moon




Acrostic Weather

Storm II


Something, they say, is brewing

The clouds of cirrus are circling, and getting bigger in the wind

Over the heads of everyone , whether on land or sea

Rain isn’t forecast for today – but tomorrow ?  they’re saying torrential.

Maybe its best, if we just lay anchor – and Batten down the hatches.

Home Life Nature

Down my Street


I remember the land the house i live in sat on

It was rugged wild and abandoned

The locals called it – The croft

The only sign of human existence before the docks?  The job centre.


A place for last years sofa

broken tables and chairs

A repository for a town kids

Private street corner Den


Wildlife aplenty – hovering round skips

A free meal all wrapped up – abandoned fish and chips

As feathered friends hover across from the docks

Looking for spoils aside from the locks


But then comes the lorries – with builders in tow

and the kids and the wildlife are all dealt a blow

as the builders make new homes on the site of the croft

with fancy new windows and doors and lofts.


The kids may have gone – but they play in the street

whilst the wildlife – in gardens – they think its a treat!

as they live in the trees of their new abode

just by the site of the widened main road.