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  • Seasons First

    #WDYS Kitten watched the stalk of green in the courtyard travelling towards the sky tickling his little paws as he engages the plant counting the number of leaves appearing on the stalk

  • Hiding II

    Hiding II

    Nobody can see me from here i’m tucked up tighter than any ball of wool in my spot on the corner it’ll take the sharpest of eagle-eyes to find me where i am and if i can’t see where i am they can’t either

  • Keystones


    #napowrimo #Cat Coming out from his blanket each morning and having a stretch by his bed this little fellow wants to go for an explore, Calling out, so you come down the stair and zipping onto the grass without a care the birds on the grassy lawn best beware Rolling around the grass with glee […]

  • Curious


    #fowc #fandango #curious #cat #kitten #wool Curiosity might be what killed the cat, but up halfway on the stairwell rolling about in grandma’s knitting is a furry little fellow on a hunt for the big woollen ball up high of the pyramid sat in the basket

  • Tame

    Tame Cousin to the king of the beasts anybody would think that it would be madness to take it on Collectively though – the wildness ails away, when the beast needs feeding the prince of the jungle becomes felis domestica Coming out of the forest and scouting the garden a happy little kitty – toys […]

  • Tentative

    Tentative Salford, 19th September 2017 Tentative by Brian F Kirkham little puss woken by mother, now wants to walk outside bright lights ahead he wants to explore so his little paws touch the living room floor