Nature Outdoors Poetry


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Long stretch of water,

ambling along waiting for something to happen

kites or falcons passing overhead or

excitable otters picking up sticks for a dam

something happening below

it’s the first sight of the fish

down at the lake bed

evading the fisherman – sat on the bank

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force of nature

turning tides

moving sails

of mighty mariners


coming from all directions

moving.ears of corn from left to right

making musical sounds in the reeds

heard by animals in the fields


Force harnessed by the sportsman

taking the tide as a challenge

riding the wind with colourful silks

and cutting through water on board with sails


Ode to a Kite

Northerly and westerly

Childhood Parks Poetry

Tale of a Kite

Running behind you – it catches the air,
Rising to the clouds without a care.
Colours reflect off its colourful tail
as through the air you watch it sail.
Turning and twisting as you move the line,
Your kite it does cartwheels – everything’s fine!
Turning in circles from east to the west
performing stunts that you think are the best.
But then the wind drops as you give it your all
and little birds take cover as your kite starts to fall.
The wind it slows down as it starts to stop
and your kite it falls gently – in a gradual drop
Landing by entrance – with its tail round the gates
You rescue it and head home – for your dinner plate.