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  • Things left behind

    #writeclub It’s not like you intentionally did it despite meticulous planning down to the last second you left some items on the mantlepiece on your way out of the door So as you make your way to the station Your tickets and wallet in hand with your bags and suitcase all with you its just […]

  • Door

    #Writephoto #Door The humble door… protector against the winds and rain coming into the house constructed from parts of a sturdy noble tree and secured with locks and bolts forged from the sturdiest Iron You can come past it if you have a key but may have to wait a while if you haven’t for […]

  • How do you live with yourself

    #writeclub #napowrimo an early one, written in the wee small hours in the morning with thanks to EM Williams @ writeclub for the prompt How do i live with myself ? Its tricky My shadow blends in to the Sudden darkness of night, only appearing in Exceptional circumstances Like when the bedroom light is on […]

  • Where do the lost things go?

    Where do the lost things go?

    #writeclub #lostitems I’m sure there’s a spot in the house they go these objects that move without life to and fro Now wallets and keys – don’t have legs – so i’m told so they must have wings – an idea i’ve been sold Allen keys switching spots with their brother moving from one place […]

  • Where do missing socks go?

    Where do missing socks go?

    #Napowrimo I’ve been told there’s a place that missing socks go but where it’s located on this blessed earth heaven’s do i know perhaps they’ve gone to that magic space where the locks have no keys so they’ve locked on to a pole by a sunny bench and are sunning themselves with ease or maybe […]

  • When things grow legs

    A poem on irritation by inky A rant on Flat Pack Furniture I The planning was meticulous you bought it from the store the storage unit of your dreams that gave space and so much more It came with an Allen Key II Into the empty room you stood and looked at the jigsaw bits no […]

  • Critical

    Critical Could it be , the Really important thing In driving a car, is to pay attention ? Those fancy buttons scattered like smarties round the dashboard – run Instruments to keep your cars insides running Calamity awaits – from the Brakes to the gears, so Always keep those bits in your car happy – […]

  • Misplaced

    In response to the prompt Misplaced You’re always doing it, scrambling about as you lose your temper and scream and shout   You swore that you had them At breakfast time and left them on the table upon the clocks alarm chimes   So things they get moved from floor onto shelf you should really […]