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  • Key

    #Socs #key Keep looking at it – it’s Exceptional You know for a fact – you can’t go anywhere without them King (or Queen) of your own domain Event to be Treasured, as You are handed your own personal set Kraftwerk engaging your entry – beyond the front door

  • Padlock


    Perhaps you’d call it security as it keeps peering eyes out of your private things definitely keeps things shut locking things away you don’t want people to see of course, you have to be careful, knowing just where you keep the key

  • The wrong key

    The wrong key

    #WDYS The rain had stopped when the locksmith arrived two sheepish lovebirds sat outside his latest job they were looking a bit worse for wear sat slightly damp on the garden bench but quite how they’d managed to, mistake car key for house key was anybody’s guess what was certain was he’d be eating well […]

  • Locked away

    #writephoto #Lock #Key What lay beyond the hard wooden door was anybody’s guess secrets of a hidden passion concealed by a key and confidants of the secret were careful not to spill after cleaning up from the night before

  • The box

    #promptuarium sat by the sea shore left by some peg legged pirate locked treasure awaits uncovered booty hidden away for decades awaiting release precious gold and jewels lie sleeping in the casket waiting for a key