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Sizzling Space Burger

Fancy a burger on the edge of space?

#CYW #Outerspace

ever wandered why the aliens keep on landing on earth ?

seems there’s something special here you just cant get

tween Jupiter and Saturn on their burger buns

space dust from the crab nebula and

particles of planet dust doesn’t quite match

the taste you get from the special sauce on a terran burger

or a “fillet of fish”

maybe that’s why they keep making so many return visits!

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Outer Space


#coloryourworld #cyw #outerspace

Picture created with Colorfy

looking out into the night sky,

it’s difficult to tell what colour outer space is

we paint it black – like a sheet of silk

and those far off dots in the fabric ? far off mystical worlds

we gave them names – and put them in stories

myths and legends, told many moon rises ago

Aries to the Huntsman we follow with pride

through telescopic lenses or newspapers inside

and the robots we send to examine these stars

landing on the moon, and venus and mars

are the UFO pilots playing hide and seek ?

Its a question the scientists ask every week.

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Satellites of Jupiter

A tale that first appeared on about Space,  the Large planet, Jupiter and his “Children”, the moons.

Io and her siblings sail round their dad,
telling of what a time they’ve had.
Each one giving each other a mention
as they try to get their fathers attention.

They whirl around him at a pace
out in the deep dark depths of space
playing with elements and watching them melt
and watching them fly towards the asteroid belt

As Ganymede watches his sister pass,
She playfully throws up clouds of sulphuric gas.
Callisto flies past his fathers red eye,
and sees sister,Europa passing by

She smiles at her dad, to her siblings, Hello!
and then with a quick turn, away she goes
and whilst all the children are having their fun
on the tiny cousin earth, the day has begun