Each line of the elephant’s hide

like its mum and dad before it, has been well earned

each wrinkle in the trunk

positioned from moving fallen trees and

hosing down his brothers and sisters

at the jungle watering hole

now – when you catch his eye – he’ll observe you closely

that’s collected wisdom collected in every wrinkle and ripple

Animals Colours

Rainbow Zebra

RAINBOW ZEBRA – a piece by inky

You couldn’t call him Black or white

he’s far too bright for that

dashing about the serengeti

and confusing all the cats

see his different coloured stripes are such

they make the whole place smile

so the lionesses don’t grab him for lunch

they’ve left him free for a while

The hippos think he’s amazing

The gazelles think just the same

The birds think he’s a great big flower

and land regularly on his frame

The bears are all a smiling

and the little ones all make their way

to say hello to the fellow with the rainbow stripes

the one who’s made their day.

Acrostic Colours Nature Poetry

Jungle Grass

#Coloryourworld #CYW #junglegreen

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the garden

Up shoot the blades from that packet you bought from the DIY Store

Not like your regular grass – this lot grow an awful lot faster

Going up as high as a giraffe’s neck

Local’s wonder where you disappeared to

Encapsulated by grass as you sit on your garden chairs



#Fowc #Ivory

Elephant, Chester Zoo : Image captured and painted by the author

An acrostic in response to fandangos one word challenge by Inky.

It’s found in various jungles,

very few animals don’t have it

often found in the mouth you see

really the hunters shouldn’t go after it – they would

yell the trees down if the animals went after theirs


Four paws

Out of the dawn

And the leaves of his hiding place

Comes the king of the urban jungle

Lightly skipping towards the garden fence

And a well furnished bowl

Of the latest catch

Breakfast beckons

Art Garden Nature Outdoors Poetry


#coloryourworld #cyw #jungle #green #nature


Much more a forest

with lots more trees

a place where mother nature

can be very pleased


A backdrop of green

for animals to stay

and their families to thrive

and their young ones to play


with colourful characters

living up in their tree

living off produce

of the flora and bee


Playing in mud

and washing in falls

the little cubs having fun

and having a ball!


Cats Nature Poetry



An acrostic by Inkdrop, on the true origins of the Domestic Animals in your home!


For some, its easy to forget – there’s no jungle here!

If you look in the eyes of your cat, dog or budgerigar

Exceptions are made about the nature of these tamed beasts

Round about now, they’re all around their territory

Chasing their prey, and with

Expectation of being tempered by what you feed them

Animals Poetry

Saharan Squabble

Two great ships of the desert
argued on the sand
about which one of them
was the most grand

“I’m bigger than you” –
said the ellie to the camel
said the camel “I’m faster –
now cut out your flannel!”

“I carry people” –
said the camel with pride
“so do I ” – said the elephant
“I take them for rides”

Then from behind bushes
something appeared
The king of the jungle
(and both found that weird)

“Will you two stop squabbling! –
It’s my nap time you see
If you don’t – i’ll get hungry…
and you’ll end up as my tea!!!”