Its what she does

noting down the events of the day

scribbling it down in her journal

penning down memories

in ink, of her time by the sands

revelling at the sights of birds and butterflies

as she enjoyed an impromptu snack by the sea

the birds passing by, as snacks are munched

in the distance – the

odd boat passes by, you never know – the

nautical craft might get a mention




A simple little book

filled with ideas, scribbles and thoughts

lists of things from shopping to travel

diary listings, and recipes of the day

half written reminders and poetical prose

cobbled together with the odd written drawing

kept in a box in a private library

so you can always go back to it!

Acrostic Poetry


#Writeclub #Prompt #Object #Writing #Acrostic

The finely crafted fountain pen from France,

and his wood-turned friend from Ireland,

looked on in ultimate envy, for

even as they sat there, they could

never out-perform this mechanised workhorse

tripping out material from its masters mind

eventually, they’d be used – to sign a cheque or write a letter

destiny ? they only need look at their old chum the quill.